Desire to find salvation

After the discharge from the hospital, again, it was necessary to have an appointment with Victor Petrovich. He had to register me and prescribe one of the special medicines.

«You will come here tomorrow and I’ll give you your first injection of immunomodulator. Flu-like phenomena can begin, it is a normal reaction of organism to the medicine», assured Victor Petrovich.

As I had already talked with two women with the diagnosis of MS, I was convinced that, in spite of daily injections of special medicines, the disease goes on slowly destroying the central nervous system. Therefore, I decided for myself to refuse taking that medicine.

The next day, I told the doctor that I would not take the medicine: as we were going to move to another country I would start treatment there as well. Some time before, we often thought about it. In connection with the fact that it was unbearable to endure long winters, we wanted to move to warmer climes. Viktor Petrovich was not surprised and gave a diagnosis certificate with the treatment planning by means of special medicines.

At home I used every free moment looking for any information about my diagnosis trying to grasp at a slightest straw for any hint. I hoped that the fate would twist and I would be well, just like I had wanted. Alexander took positively my desire to find additional information and he thought it made sense.