I suppressed aggression as strongly as I could. I had to give up daytime nap right after a lively conversation with Sasha. If you are really in love you can sacrifice anything, even if it is extremely difficult.

My physical strengths gradually began to get back and it became a little easier for me to cope with household chores. The construction of our house was over and it was time to begin a general cleaning. I tried to bring the entire house in order as quickly as possible, as this activity irritated me a lot.

Soon, Alexander decided to sell the new house and to build a smaller one elsewhere. To our great joy, we sold out the house quickly. And the construction workers started to lay the foundation at another plot of land. I took a most zealous participation in the construction of the houses.

After all, we would live in the newly built home and all must be thought out in detail. The inside layout was designed exclusively by me: this activity drew my attention away from the sad thoughts about what was happening to me — something mysterious.