Everything has been forgotten

After arriving home, the numbness in my legs was completely gone, exactly a month later, as the doctor promised. And at the christening of our baby I was in boots with high heels. Generally I felt great and nothing was troubling me any more. After reading on the Internet that myelitis can sometimes be the debut of Multiple Sclerosis, we together with the beloved man wanted to know more. Having suffered enough and we had more than enough negative emotional experience. We tried to chase away the disturbing thoughts and not to nourish them.

When the pills the doctor prescribed in Singapore were over I was wondering what they were, and I started to search the Internet. I learned that those pills were nothing but vitamin B12. After a busy thinking, we decided it would be nice if we provided my body with that vitamin through intramuscular injections to secure the result of the Singapore treatment.

But having read the annotation for that vitamin, fearing the side effects, we did not hurry, thinking how not to do harm to my health.
However, information about vitamin B12, did not give me a moment’s peace — I kept thinking about it and looked for additional evidence of its safe use.

A period to making up my mind was, oddly enough, put by an article about a popular singer in a magical issue of a fashion magazine. It literally turned out to be magic for me. It said that a show business star was given an injection of vitamin B12 to increase her energy.

Considering all pros and cons, together we have suggested, it is possible that I may not digest vitamin B12 from products and started to use it in injections.

A week of injections and then a one-week break and so on during two months to make up for losses. Having assumed that we have done that task, I ceased to take it.

In spring, construction of the new house began, and I was plunged into work. I love doing layouts since my childhood; it was seen even in the games I played in my childhood.

Our lives went on and we began to forget everything.