All Is well again

Our little son loves to visit the Museum of Military Glory: various wartime cannons are placed in rows there, in the open air. One of them — the largest one — turns three hundred and sixty degrees if spun, but one may be not strong enough, unless a man. Despite this, for the pleasure of our Seraphim, I constantly tried to make it move. Weekly, I led our boy to that cannon and every time made a new try again. Noticing that my strength slowly, but steadily are recovering, I was glad as a child.

A month passed this way, and Sasha decided to conduct a little experiment on himself.
«I will carry out an experiment on myself and propose my elder son to participate in it. Seryozha studies, he spends a lot of energy and vitamin B12 will not do him any harm. Remember, we read that the singer was given an injection to raise energy? That means it’s not dangerous. If my body has enough vitamin B12, it will tell me about it», with these words Sasha began the experiment.

The result was not long in coming, and ten days later, we were convinced that we need to stop giving the injections.

After the introduction of vitamin B12, small rash appeared on the forehead of my beloved experimenter and the voluntary examinee — elder son. The experiment was completed and a conclusion was drawn that unlike Sasha and Seryozha, I had no allergic reactions and overall state of health gradually improved. The first thing that was gone was the feeling of anxiety and contrived fear. Even getting rid of these feelings that turned life into a torture alone, significantly eased my life.