Cheerful summer

In the middle of the summer we went to the sea. The sea was a bit rough and many people enjoyed swimming. Having put the sunscreen on all my relatives, I decided to jump on waves. When I was in water, I really wanted to swim far away as before the diagnosis. I came ashore to warn the relatives about my desire.

«I am going to swim far away. I really want this, Sasha, will you let me go?»
«But are you sure you can do it? The sea is rough, if you’re afraid, don’t swim too far».
«Yes, I am confident in my abilities», I ran into the sea.

Imagine my surprise when Alexander’s son, Seryozha suddenly appeared nearby. Sasha was still a little worried about me and always worries about my safety.

«Lifeguards are always there!» shouted Seryozha.

We ran to the waves and began to jump and rejoice like children. Being fascinated by the fun I hadn’t noticed that we swam to the highest of waves and only men jumped on them.

How could it be possible that I was the only woman among them — strong and healthy, jumping just like them? I often held my breath having no dizziness indicative of oxygen debt of the brain. Covering us with our heads the waves lifted a lot of sand from the bottom. But it did not stop me: to feel as strong as before the diagnosis was a great pleasure. We reached the buoys and decided to return, but not to go out of water and ride more waves.

I came out of the sea satisfied. And I was happy to feel that I wasn’t tired at all. We decided to go to the sea more often.