Waiting for a miracle

In the beginning of October, 2006, my beloved man and I (with whom we had been living happily for already twelve years) decided to give life to a new little man. I got pregnant four months after I had stopped taking contraceptive pills I had been taking since the age of seventeen.

At the first ultrasonic examination I had such strong feelings that it was difficult to explain them to my beloved man. And despite the fact that he has shared with me every emotion I had I could never tell him what I felt at that unusual long-awaited moment. On the monitor we saw a wee human being tucking up his tiny legs vigorously.

The pregnancy went well and I felt well, and yet, taking into consideration the experience of our friends, we decided that I should not give birth to the baby as a natural childbirth. I have heard many times from pregnant women that they passionately wanted to give birth to their babies naturally, but their deliveries, in spite of all their efforts, ended in emergency caesarean sections. Taking into account that I was a nervous and irritable person and could not stand the pain, the final decision was made.

I was especially excited to go to the ultrasonic examination at the twentieth week. I could hardly hold back my tears of happiness and emotion. Our tiny baby was lying in my belly like a frog, his small knees wide apart. When we asked the doctor about the sex of our future baby she gave an affirmative answer:
«You will have a boy».

During the pregnancy I noticed neither weakness nor fatigue. Oddly enough, headache did not bother me at all. Before the period of thirty five weeks of my pregnancy, I loved to ride with Alexander to the cottage, the construction of which we controlled ourselves.

Easily and without any assistance I climbed the ladder up to the third storey. I was engaged in development of the internal layout, thought over the exterior and interior of the house and chose the finishing materials in the respective stores. In general, I led an active life, and beside such minor inconveniences as heartburns and leg cramps at night, I experienced no unpleasant sensations.

After thirty-five weeks, Alexander suggested that I should stay at home and go out less often. I was reading a lot, I was lying in bed, I was cooking meals and went on bathing in our steam bath once a week, because I loved warmth very much.