A chance has put an end

Realizing the seriousness of my situation, I carefully watched over the state of my health and tried to notice even minor changes in my condition.

In September, I complained to Sasha that the color of my urine had considerably darkened and that it had lasted for a week, although I felt great in general. I called a doctor who was an acquaintance of mine and asked due to what it could be. I was given strong recommendations to have my blood tested to check the possible presence of viral hepatitis.

Sasha panicked and immediately got in touch with his doctor. The answer his attentive doctor also affected the subsequent course of events.
«Vladimir, why do you panic too soon? This is multiple sclerosis — „a dark horse“. Don’t hurry with your conclusions, have all the tests done, and don’t be nervous, please, you have high blood pressure, you should not worry!»

«A dark horse» — this highly figurative definition made us think again: so much is written about this MS, but little is clear.

The next day, after having the blood tests, I went to an appointment with a physician. Having examined me, she was very much surprised — although I looked good and felt the same way, the results of the tests showed excessive number of enzymes. Viral hepatitis was not found, but the liver suffered, though I did not complain about anything, and even the body temperature was normal.

I was sent to the infectious diseases hospital and the treatment began immediately with the diagnosis of an undifferentiated hepatitis that meant — an unknown one. Fearing that this could be an autoimmune hepatitis, I called Victor Petrovich. Victor Petrovich confirmed that such a concept existed, but it were the hepatologists who had to find it out. I really wanted to make it clear for myself and suggested my guesses based on the fact that during the last year I had received a considerable number of glucocorticosteroids, and besides, I continued taking a hormonal contraceptive drug — it might have caused such negative consequences.

When I was still at home, Sasha suggested:
«Put vitamin B12 in your bag and ask nurses to give you injections when you are in the hospital».

But I resented:
«No one would agree to give me injections because I neither have a referral, nor a conclusion decision to do this».
«Even if it is so, you need this vitamin, and you know it well».
«I think, we have been able to replenish its reserves and we can take a break».
«Well, I will see for how long these reserves will be enough for you».

The results of tests for autoimmune processes were negative. I was prescribed injections of glucose and complete rest.

After just five days, Sasha already started to notice changes in my mood. When talking with him on the phone, sometimes I answered his innocuous questions very abruptly.

And after five more days, the women who were with me on treatment also noticed that there were visible changes in my conduct. It seemed that in a conversation on a most relaxing topic, my reaction was so changeable that it was hard not to notice that. By the end of the second week of treatment, I felt really bad. The familiar symptoms started to occupy me. I could desperately hate the women who were so friendly, but just in a few minutes I would calmly speak to them with adoration and friendship. Again I began to choke and toss about. I would walk in the ward from side to side. I asked Sasha to come to me. My beloved man came immediately together with Seraphim. I was allowed to go out for a short while to meet them in the park and sit in our car with my family. Sasha saw my irritable condition. All the time I would ask to the open window, then to close it: I argued that there was no air to breathe and that it was time for them to return home.

My beloved man answered firmly:
«This is again a manifestation of vitamin B12 deficiency, and the reserves you had were enough for only two weeks. Tomorrow I’ll come and take everything necessary to give an injection right in our car».

In spite of my statements that if it were so easy to fight the disease of MS, it would have ceased to exist at all, Sasha stood his ground:
«We already know these symptoms, and we managed to remove them with the help of vitamin B12: we have to give the injections again».

That same evening, being in an unstable emotional state, I again experienced the familiar ‘to leave the body’ syndrome. Barely holding back my tears, I called Sasha, and I said I couldn’t bear it anymore and asked to bring me the vitamin. The next morning, Sasha gave me an injection of vitamin B12.

Already by the evening, everything became absolutely clear — I can’t live without regular injections of vitamin B12.

The first results of the fact that my organism was given exactly the substance it needed manifested in the instant tranquility. My obsessive fears that had plagued me since the debut disappeared, I felt calm and coped easily with negative situations. The mood swings were over and communication with others went easily.

Since then, we have decided to give an injection of vitamin B12 every day, and to notice carefully even the slightest changes in my health.