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My beloved man and I began to reason:
«After all, it’s true: they coped with the exacerbation in the hospital just a week ago, I felt fine. And now shall we call my state a new exacerbation? So soon?»

Again we used the World Wide Web. Basing on the information about symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, and the possible complexity of its digestion from food, Sasha again suggested that I should be given injections of vitamin B12 and we should observe whether they cause improvement or not.

Being in an unstable emotional state and bearing in mind the thoughts that MS is incurable, I did not believe that the vitamin could help, but I did not refuse an injection. That same evening, my dear man gave me an injection.

The following morning, when I was still sleeping, Sasha needed to go to an important meeting. I took Seraphim for a walk only in the afternoon. The weather was great, and we slowly walked. My beloved man called and asked:
«How are you?»
«Better than yesterday, I became a little calmer today, and I even carried Seraphim in my arms a little, that’s probably because of good weather».
«No, this is the effect of vitamin B12, and from now on we will give injections every day, regularly», my beloved man assured me.
«Do you really think that everything is that simple? An injection of the vitamin brings health back to normal?»
«All ingenious is simple!»

I seriously thought: vitamin B12 deficiency — maybe that is exactly my case and we will be able to make a little change in the quality of our lives?