New plans

In mid-May, we completed the internal finishing of the new home. I had to get nervous several times, communicating with the workers, because they always wanted to do something differently, not taking into account the wishes of the customer. But all went well, the finishing ended, and we were pleased to prepare to move.

At that time, Sasha had a lot of work so the moving was basically my responsibility. Together with the cleaning and arrangement of the home furniture, I wanted to sew myself all the curtains for the windows. There were eleven windows In the house; I chose not a difficult design and the work began. I tried to sleep not for long and I was constantly listening to my body.

At the same time, Alexander with a friend of his, decided to open a sushi bar in the city and invited me to participate in the design of the premises. I refused, explaining that I was not confident in my abilities, because I lived with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. My beloved man said:
«You can live your whole life with such a diagnosis, but do you feel this illness yourself?»
«I only feel strengths and good emotional feelings, but doctors say…»
«And what do the doctors have to do with it? I am speaking about you: watch yourself and make conclusions».

Now I’m very busy and every day I’m glad that I can do so much.

The decision to write a book did not come to me. Sasha convinced me:
«You so much used the information people placed on the Internet, and it was very useful at the right time, so share what you have. Probably your information will help someone. You feel well and you will be able to write a hearty book. Unhealthy condition is not conducive to writing positive books: you feel great and you will manage this exciting work».

I doubted a little:
«Of course, I can, but isn’t it too soon: only one year passed since I have taken vitamin B12?»

The results of my recovery surely impress my family. But all my doubts instantly disappeared right after I had seen the «roll call» among people diagnosed with MS at one of the websites. I immediately started writing the book having no doubt that it is necessary for people.