My favorite vitamin

I regularly looked through the information about vitamin B12 on the Internet. On forums I came across a lot of answers of doctors to the question ‘can a deficiency of vitamin B12 cause the disease of MS?’

And their answers sounded unequivocally: no, it can’t. Deficiency of vitamin B12 does not lead to the disease of MS.

And that’s what I read later: «Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is a super vitamin. The most amazing of vitamins is vitamin B12. All seventy trillion cells of the body need the molecules of this vitamin. Deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to nervous disorders, both in the psychic sphere, and in neural functions of muscles. If the vitamin B12 deficiency is not recognized in time, as it often happens, serious mental disorders and deviations of neurologic nature can develop, such as the disease of multiple sclerosis, when the protective myelinic layer of nerve cells gradually decomposes, which leads to a progressive paralysis, and, eventually, to death.

Vitamin B12 is a very complex, branched molecule. There is a lonely cobalt ion in its center. Modern biochemists claim that ‘vitamin B12 more energetically saturated than the powerful hydrogen bomb’, physiologists believe this substance to be one of the most mysterious inventions of nature. Vitamin B12 deficiency is revealed only after many years. Its indigestibility can be caused by a number of reasons»

You can imagine a huge warehouse, where seventy trillion jackets are stored, and each of them lacks only one button on the most noticeable place, and only one seamstress alone, should sew the missing button to absolutely every jacket. It is not hard to imagine how much time it will take.

So does the molecule of vitamin B12 will compensate for the loss of every cell in my body for a long time, and it will restore them one by one.
Perhaps it will take years, but I will still give my cells lacking substance and listen to my body, carefully watching my state of health.