Another view

A young neurologist agreed to help us. He made a more detailed testing and recorded everything accurately. He was especially curious why I was wearing a medical mask.

He took a piece of paper and drew a human spine. He explained that the result of such a symmetric and even numbness, most likely, was the process of inflammation that occurred in the center of the spinal cord. But where exactly? One could get an answer for this question only through MRI. The assumption of the young doctor was not confirmed and nothing was found in the segment of the spine he had pointed out. We made no more appointments for MRI.

Every day it was getting more and more unpleasant for me to walk and I was lying on the floor, barely holding back tears; I said trying to be as restrained as I could:
«Darling, pretty soon, I won’t be able to walk».

Patience was running out and Sasha decided to go to Singapore immediately for medical help. He quickly got in touch with a suitable hospital and made an appointment. Seraphim we left at home to be looked after by Seryozha.

Three weeks after the numbness started, we flew to Singapore.