The diagnosis sounded like a sentence

At the appointment with Victor Petrovich I made an attempt to apologize for my improper behavior, putting a lot of effort. That day, I felt worse than ever before. And although there was no pain, I was as if attracted to the left by a huge magnet bending me at the same time, but I could walk and spoke quite clearly, occasionally losing syllables in words.

The diagnosis pronounced by Victor Petrovich sounded like a sentence:
«The diagnosis is multiple sclerosis — a heavy autoimmune disease which leads to severe disability. Cerebrospinal form, remitting clinical course, the exacerbation stage».

There was only one thought in my head — to live a full life.

The next moment, the phone rang in the consulting room. Viktor Petrovich picked up the phone and I could hear the words of a man that helped me much later:
«Victor Petrovich, I am dying… nothing is going to help me…», a man with the MS diagnosis spoke loudly and convincingly into the receiver.

«What do you mean, dying? You can’t be!» Calmly replied Victor Petrovich, and asked which special medicines the man had already been taking.

Repeating the names of all the medicines after the man, Victor Petrovich invited the patient to come for an appointment.
This conversation imprinted in my memory as very important information.

Resisting the bending, and shuffling my left foot, I finished filling in my documents for urgent hospitalization.