One day in early October, four weeks before the anniversary of our little angel, sitting at the computer, I felt that both of my heels are getting slightly cold. The decision to get rid of the inconvenience was simple — to put on socks. But it was not that easy: the next day my heels began to freeze even more. I was getting restless, had to call a pediatrician who was a friend of mine for advice which specialist in the field of medicine I should consult.

«A neurologist, and do it immediately!» she said.

On the third day already, I was sitting in the office of a great neurologist, a candidate of medical sciences. Noticing that I have a tickle in the throat, I also thought about a possible coming cold. After the tests I was given a referral to a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test (hereinafter referred to as MRI). I was supposed to have the area of the brain examined, in order to eliminate demyelinated processes. At that time, I took it just as a set of complex medical words and nothing more.

I made an appointment at a diagnostic centre for the MRI. The test had to take place only in two weeks. The reason was the desire of many people to check their health in fall or winter, so a small waiting list was formed.

I learned about demyelinated processes on the Internet, having reached the symptoms of the disease called Multiple Sclerosis (hereinafter referred to as MS) I stopped and decided not to bother myself with negative unsubstantiated information.

Meanwhile, my heels did not shiver any more and I got to know another sensation — that of numbness. It is as if a man sat on both legs for too long. Numbness began to progress on both legs simultaneously; it reached the middle of the pelvis and stopped.

Along with this, the outbreak of cold also added certain inconveniences. For my family not to catch cold from me I was wearing a medical mask.
Sasha and I worried a lot, but we did not draw any conclusions yet.

«Such a field of medicine as neurology is completely unfamiliar for me», my beloved man told me. «I can think logically and assume, what happens if you have a stomachache, but neurology is a complex science, and there is nothing I can advise you».

Judging by the habitus, no one would have noticed that the numbness in my legs began to transform: they were as if chained. It is very hard to describe this feeling, unlike the one that followed.

In my childhood I read with pleasure the tale of Pinocchio and it never occurred to me that it is quite possible to understand in reality what it means to be half wooden. It was only felt internally and the way the legs looked did not cause any suspicions.

Wooden legs and absolutely no pain: it is difficult to imagine this unless it is about neurology.

The panic inside of me was limitless. I was struggling to hold my own and not to aggravate the situation. I just often lay on the floor and explained Sasha that I felt more comfortable in this position. I phoned all the friends, trying to find out who else could tell what was happening to me.