Twelve years of happiness

Every year I had frequent flues, and an illness lasted for at least two weeks: I could not doctor myself, antibiotics did not help me. I only enjoyed drinking hot milk with honey and butter that was prepared for me by Sasha with a special care.

Since I was twenty-two, regular headaches started to disturb me. I made an appointment to see a physician, and it turned out that I had low blood pressure. When the atmospheric pressure decreased I had a headache. When I did not want to bear it I took pills containing caffeine.

Suddenly, I also got a fear to dive into the sea as it seemed to me that I could suffocate, even when taking off a jacket over my head. But this did not disturb me much and I took it easy. I had no other health problems.

I had few acquaintances. Any tips to part with my beloved man and not to waste my youth were unpleasant for me. It was easier to completely abandon their company than to argue with them, therefore, most of the time, I spent together with my beloved man. We were much talking and reasoning, walking, going to the movies. Love filled our hearts. We got so much used to each other that we would start to miss a minute after we separated. Those who first saw us noticed that we looked strangely alike.

«You are not relatives, are you?» they asked.
«No, not relatives, but forever a family!» we answered them.